6 Sep 2015

Praise the Sun

by mathiole

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About the designer:

Mathiole, 27 years old designer from Brazil. Meet him on his website, like him on Facebook, buy his art on Redbubble!

Tell us something about this design.

One of my favorite games from this generation and art nouveau is one of my favorite art periods. I had to join both!

Who is and where does Mathiole come from?

I’m a designer/illustrator based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

How long have you been in the t-shirt world?

About 10 years!

What would you suggest to an aspiring t-shirt designer?

My advice to anyone who wants to become good at something: practice with passion.

What’s a day in the life of Mathiole like?

Really boring to tell, actually. The moment I woke up I turn on the pc and start to work on my stuff, pausing only for lunch and gym haha

Mac or PC?


Post-apocalyptic world. No trace of human race. It happens that you’ve survived and managed to save…

3 tv-series: Cowboy bebop, Friends, Breaking Bad.

3 movies: Another Earth, The Butterfly Effect, Fight Club.

3 videogames: ps3, wii, and a snes.

3 cds: Opeth: Blackwater Park, Karnivool: Sound Awake, Tool: 10000 days.

3 books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The restaurant at the end of the universe and life, universe and everything else, all by Douglas Adams.

One t-shirt: this.

You are the governor of the world. What’s the first thing you would do?

Put an end on capitalism and renounce from my position.

You’ve just won a DeLorean time machine. Which historic period/time/moment would you like to visit?

My childhood.

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Praise the Sun!

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