31 May 2015

Keep calm and Hakuna Matata

by saraa.corasaniti

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About the designer:

Complexesandhopes, 18 years old designer from Italy. Meet her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter!

Tell us something about this design.

It was inspired by “The lion king”.

Who is and where does Complexesandhopes come from?

She is a student who has a passion for cosplaying. She comes from Catanzaro, Italy.

How long have you been in the t-shirt world?

Really not much.

What would you suggest to an aspiring t-shirt designer?

Be patient.

What’s a day in the life of Complexesandhopes like?

Very boring.

Mac or PC?


Post-apocalyptic world. No trace of human race. It happens that you’ve survived and managed to save…

3 tv-series: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Scrubs.

3 movies: Matrix Saga, The guardian of Galaxy.

3 videogames: League of Legends, Fable, Tekken.

3 cds: Brand new eyes, Riot!, Paramore.

3 books: Il visconte Dimezzato, Harry Potter Saga, The Chronicle of Ice and Fire.

You are the governor of the world. What’s the first thing you would do?

Free food for everyone!

You’ve just won a DeLorean time machine. Which historic period/time/moment would you like to visit?

The Italian Renaissance.

Say whatever you want to the Tee Tee community!!

Thank you a lot for this experience!

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