About the designer:

Tee Tee is the first italian t-shirt community ever. One tee only, every 72 hours, for 12€. You and no one else decides the tees we should print.

How?! By visiting our Vote section and voting for the designs you like the most!

Every 3 days, Tee Tee will take the most popular one, promote it here on the homepage giving you the chance to buy it and then will deliver it to you.72 hours, not one second more: if you miss it, you will only have the opportunity to admire it in our Sanctuary. It will never be sold again.Attento!! (Beware!! :D )

Right now, as you may have noticed, the countdown does not indicate 72 hours or less. That happens because we need some time to promote Tee Tee, and to understand which one should be the first t-shirt. In mid May, right here, you’ll find the first Tee Tee ever!A little confused? Don’t worry: by clicking here you will have the opportunity to read something more about what we’ll do.We will give designers one euro for every tee sold, plus a free tee with the design.Fine?!Isn’t it about time you sign up and join the party?Yes it is!Enjoy!

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