8 Jul 2017


by sim-on

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About the designer:

Sim-on, 28 years old designer from Italy.

Tell us something about this design.

The little mushroom has always been my favourite pawn.

Who is and where does Sim-on come from?

From Borgo val di Taro, mushrooms birthplace.

How long have you been in the t-shirt world?

I’m an aspiring t-shirt designer.

What would you suggest to an aspiring t-shirt designer?

I don’t know. Tell me something about it!

What’s a day in the life of Sim-on like?

The first day of each month.

Mac or PC?


Post-apocalyptic world. No trace of human race. It happens that you’ve survived and managed to save…

3 tv-series: Willy il Principe di Bel-Air, Prison break, Malcolm.

3 movies: Interstate 60, Lord of Dogtown, Back to The Future.

3 videogames: Tony Hawks pro skater or Shaun White snowboarding.

3 cds: Buon sangue, my best trucks of punkrock and rock and roll.

3 books: The best manual of survival.

You are the governor of the world. What’s the first thing you would do?

I really think i’m not the right person.

You’ve just won a DeLorean time machine. Which historic period/time/moment would you like to visit?

I would like to skate with Z – Boys in a californian swimming pool.

Say whatever you want to the Tee Tee community!!

Good luck!

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